Balancing Your Blood Sugar with Balanced Diet

Balancing Your Blood Sugar with Balanced Diet

Consuming well-balanced meals is a crucial part of taking wonderful care of yourself and maintaining diabetes and I personally feel that even regular physical activity is more important for people with diabetes and those at the pre diabetic stage. The key to balancing what you eat and your physical activity... Read More

Monitoring and Learning Diabetes Self-Management

Monitoring and Learning Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most prominent public health interests of our time. Continuing with any form of diabetes isn’t easy. One has to observe severe dietary guidelines, observe blood sugar levels, and maintain treatments, including insulin. It can seem baffling and alone at times, which is why it’s... Read More

Managing Diabetic Foot Care From Calluses And Corns

Managing Diabetic Foot Care From Calluses And Corns

become dangerous with time if the problem is left untreated or unmanaged. In critical cases, they may produce infections that cannot be controlled and may require amputation. About thousands of leg amputations are done on people experiencing diabetes in our Country yearly. Most of these amputations are preventable through relevant... Read More

About Type 1 Diabetes

Invoking Clarity About Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes should become a stressful also serious and chronic disease a person can face. It’s predominance only continues to grow and dominate the population across the country. We all have a different lifestyle and an immune system which thereby makes each person’s diabetes management unique in itself. So when determining... Read More

Facts about diabetes

The Stats and Facts about diabetes

According to the World health Organization there were around 70 million people found diabetic in India in 2015 and the rising stats predicts that around 98 million people will be encompassed under this disease by 2030. Looking at the rising toll of diabetic patient the world health Organization also believes... Read More

Getting you back on Feet with best Foot care

Getting you back on Feet with best Foot care

Diabetes can be fatal for your feet and even a little cut can produce severe consequences. In many of the instances, diabetes has led to nerve damage that takes away the feeling in your feet. The diabetic condition may also reduce blood flow to the feet making it difficult to... Read More

Diabetes types

Creating Awareness about Diabetes types

Type 2 diabetes is the most commonly occurring diabetic condition and could be diagnosed at any age. Obviously, diabetes has sown its roots deep in the Indian society and the number is expected to reach a whopping 98 million by 2030. Almost every house in India have at least one... Read More

What is Diabetes


Diabetes could be defined as a diseased condition wherein the blood sugar level shoots up from its normal level in the body.  Before going ahead about the topic let’s  get clarity on blood sugar level in the normal, diabetic and prediabetic patient. Normal blood sugar levels are less than 100mg/... Read More

Welcome Blog Post


I’m Dr. Mudit Sabharwal (Diabetic Consultant) Are you new to diabetes or expecting to find how to cure diabetes? Are you confused and feel as no one really understands what you go through on a daily basis? Are you having phobia or worries of doing something wrong? Are you aware... Read More